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24 Drums vol. 1
Great sounding, warm, dynamic and most important free drum samples. You will find here 24 kicks, snares, claps and hihats.

Free Drum Samples for You! 24 Drums!

It is very hard to find free drum samples of great quality with a warm, dynamic, good sound. Search no more! Our samples are ready for You to grab them from our server, put directly to Your DAW or sampler, and have fun using them.

24 Drums is the first part of our product containing urban style free drum samples. Referring to the name You will find here 24 great sounding drums samples. Kicks, Snares, Claps and Hihats, ideal for all kind of urban productions. R&B, Hip Hop, Modern Pop? Yes! All of those genres can be created with a little help of our product.

A place straight from the dreams of producers

Loopsfree.com is a place just like from a dream of professional producers and composers. You will find here lot of free products that will blow Your mind! Our main goal is quality! For us, the most important thing is to see Your satisfaction when using our products.

Yes it is really for free!

All products that You will find on this site are for free! All that You have to do is share the page with the product that You would like to get on Your Facebook or Twitter – that’s it. Then You can download files and use them in Your commercial and no-commercial production.

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